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Dallas Divorce Law Blog

Wife of Columbus Short files for divorce, gets restraining order

Columbus Short, who many in the Dallas, Texas, area may recognize from his role on the popular television series, “Scandal,” is heading to divorce court. His wife filed papers earlier this month on the West Coast. The two married in July 2005 and have a 2-year-old child together. Short’s wife is seeking full legal and physical custody of the girl.

Alongside the divorce papers is another set of legal documents that may impact the custody battle in the dissolution. Sources say that Tuere Tanee Short has obtained a temporary restraining order against the Scandal star. Sources say that the protective order arose out of allegations of a dispute between Short and his wife on April 7.

US Supreme Court clarifies federal domestic violence gun ban

Domestic violence can be a troubling issue in any household. The issue of domestic violence can come up in several areas of court proceedings in Texas. Protective orders based upon allegations of family violence, for example, are civil court orders that a person may seek to prevent continuing violence. If a person is going through a divorce, the Texas Attorney General’s Office says that an application for a protective order must be filed where the family law case is pending. Family violence can also affect the divorce proceedings, especially if child custody is an issue in the divorce.

Domestic violence allegations can lead to life-long consequences if a person is accused of the offense. The United States Supreme Court issued a ruling late last month that says that a person convicted of a misdemeanor level offense is prohibited from possessing a firearm at any time after the conviction is entered.

Planning budget and addressing finances important during divorce

On the surface, some people who have never gone through a divorce may believe that determining how property should be divided is a simple process of trading forks for spoons. But, the overall process may have a more complex structure, especially in a high-asset divorce. Many Dallas area companies may offer their workers deferred compensation programs, or access to perks that go beyond a 401(k) or other type of retirement program.

Assessing the overall picture of what assets may fall into the marital estate is an important process when a person has decided to file for divorce. Even if a separation is amicable, issues can arise as two estranged spouses seek to divide assets.

Rhonda Adkins files to divorce Trace Adkins

In Mid-January, country music singer Trace Adkins checked himself into a voluntary rehab program to address his issues with alcohol. The decision followed a scene that sources say the singer made while on a cruise. News broke this week that his wife is now seeking a divorce, although there is no indication that alcohol factored into the divorce proceedings.

Trace Adkins and his now estranged wife do not live in Texas, so Texas family law rules do not directly apply to the couple’s divorce. But, in some respects the story can be instructive for our Dallas readers. In her papers, Ms. Adkins is seeking primary residential custody of the couple’s three daughters. In addition to the primary custody request, she is seeking child support, alimony and other issues.

Child custody: Tax exemptions may be negotiated in Texas

The decision to file for divorce can be daunting for many people. When a child or children are involved, a divorcing parent may understand that the issues of custody and support may need to be addressed. Under Texas law, family courts seek to assess the best interests of the child in child custody disputes.

Custody issues can involve two separate prongs; legal custody involves the decision making authority for things like education, religion, medical care for the child and similar important matters involving the child. Physical custody is related to where the child (or children) will live. Often, courts may find it in the best interest of the child to spend significant amounts of time with each parent under a joint physical custody arrangement.

Why social media should be avoided during divorce proceedings

Social media is becoming ubiquitous. Not only does social media seem to dominate networking opportunities online, reality television shows, late night shows, movie previews, magazine articles, radio programs and numerous other everyday viewing, listening and reading experiences are peppered by references to social media. This is an understandable phenomenon given that social media sites allow people all over the world to connect at the click of a button. However, if you are going through a divorce, it will serve you well to avoid social media altogether.

Why would you temporarily suspend your access to such an ever-present form of communication? Because every word and image you past can ultimately affect the outcome of your divorce, even if you do your best only to post content that seems completely harmless to you.

Mother who abducted children arrested in France

Child custody cases can be difficult enough when they involve two parents who live in the same city. But when two parents live in different states or come from two different countries, there are a number of potential issues that can come up in terms of where a child will live and which parent will have custody. This can quickly turn into a bitter and contentious argument and some parents in Texas may end up taking the situation into their own hands. But this can only make matters worse.

For example, the mother of two boys was recently arrested for abducting her children and fleeing the United States with them. It is unclear where she initially took the boys, but she was ultimately arrested nearly two years later in France. She is now facing criminal charges.

Federal judge makes ruling on same-sex marriage laws in Texas

Supporters of same-sex marriage in Texas got some good news recently when a judge ruled that the state's ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. The decision may have come as a surprise to conservative Texans who supported the ban, but it was a huge step forward for the people who supported the lawsuit challenging the ban.

According to reports, the federal judge who made the ruling announced that because the ban on same-sex marriage serves no "legitimate governmental purpose," it should be considered unconstitutional. The issue is far from resolved, however, as the ruling will not be finalized unless it successfully makes it through the appeals process. This means that same-sex couples are still unable to pursue a marriage or divorce in Texas at this time. 

In the meantime, the ruling has also sparked debates on how same-sex marriages affect Texas families, particularly in regards to children of same-sex parents. 

Charlie Sheen taking his chances on fourth marriage: no prenup

For years now, many of us have read about the dramatic life of Charlie Sheen. Professionally, he's made strange media appearances and a dramatic departure from his former show "Two and a Half Men." His personal life has been just as bizarre, with stories about drug and alcohol use and criminal charges.

But recently it is Sheen's romantic life that has generated the most buzz. Sheen has been married three times, and has five children. He has had numerous public disputes with ex-wife Brooke Mueller over child custody and child support, and reportedly spends a whopping $100,000 on child support payments every month. Many people would assume that Sheen would be a little more cautious about protecting his finances as he heads into yet another marriage; but not surprisingly, the actor is opting not to play it safe.

Two-week itch? Terrell Owens' new bride wants a divorce

People who are familiar with sports, family law issues or reality TV are likely familiar with Terrell Owens. Once an NFL star, Owens has appeared on reality shows and in courtrooms in recent years as he has gone through some difficult times and financial challenges. These issues have reportedly affected much more than his professional career; they may have also contributed to the recent split with his wife of just two weeks.

Reports indicate the Owens married his 33-year-old wife, Rachel Snider, just over two weeks ago and the couple has already experienced some bumpy roads. In fact, the relationship has soured so much that she reportedly wants to get a divorce.

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