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Dallas Family Law Blog

What happens when your EPO expires?

Domestic violence continues to be problematic in many Texas homes, as well as other areas throughout the nation. As a parent, it can be extremely frightening when a violent situation erupts, especially if your children are present, and, therefore, at risk for potential danger. When police respond to such calls, they often have to make split-second decisions after quickly surveying a situation in order to determine how best to proceed to keep everyone safe. One of those decisions might lead to someone's arrest.

If the arrest involves alleged wrongful actions committed against you, the criminal court may determine a need for issuing an emergency ruling against the defendant. This type of order can keep a parent and/or children safe on a short-term basis before charges are formally in place.

Social media prenups

Are you and your partner considering getting married in Texas? If so, have you talked about getting a prenuptial agreement? These marital contracts are rapidly gaining popularity among couples today so you would certainly not be alone in considering one. However, before you jump in, it is important for you to understand some of the different types of provisions that may be able to be included that you may not know about or automatically think about.

One of these is a social media clause. As ABC News explains, this is essentially a provision in your contract that outlines what you and your partner can and cannot post on any social media platform. The reason that this has come to be a viable option is simply due to the growth of social media as a communication vehicle in today's world. The benefit of having these types of agreements in place includes protection for your professional reputation in the event that you and your partner get divorced.

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: Alleged domestic violence to divorce

A person does not have to live in Hollywood to hear about the spectacle the divorce proceedings between actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have become, and many in Texas have been following the story.

USA Today reported that after filing for divorce in May 2016, Heard was back in court days later asking for an order of protection against Depp. The judge granted the order after hearing allegations of abuse, ranging from throwing a cellphone at her, to hitting her in the face. Although law enforcement did not confirm that a crime had occurred, they were on the scene the night of the alleged incident. 

Worried about telling your children you're getting divorced?

Most Texas parents would agree that modern-day parenting is not for the faint of heart. Families often face significant challenges prompted by various pressures and influences in society, from racial, ethnic and gender issues to financial crises and myriad relationship quandaries. On top of all that, many marriages end in divorce nowadays, which adds all sorts of stress to the picture. If you're currently preparing for divorce and worried about how your children will react to your decision, you are definitely not alone.

Many other parents understand what it's like to go from being part of a two-parent household to suddenly becoming a single parent (some with no immediate means of regular income). It's understandable that you want what is best for your children. The fact is, some people decide that what's best for their kids includes their own quests for mental stability and emotional good health, which, they may determine, necessitates divorce.

Handling your 401k after a divorce

Texas couples looking to divorce likely have several questions in mind. Some of them may revolve around finances, as untangling one person’s finances from another post-divorce can be tricky and complicated. For example, what happens to a 401k? Can it be protected, and if not, what happens to it?

According to the Huffington Post, the easiest way to protect a 401k is through a prenuptial agreement. This is essentially a contract written out between two people before they become married. Within the contract, the division of property, finances and so on is determined. While some people may frown upon this as a “bad omen” or believe it to be unnecessary, it’s actually a logical decision and can help a person out in the future if they find their marriage isn’t working. With prenuptials made in a calm, clear state of mind and emotion, 401k protection can be handled fairly and quickly.

Rockstar and famous actress in child support and custody tussle

Once approved by a family court judge, a parenting plan is a legally binding agreement. This means that both parents have a legal responsibility to adhere to its terms. And if for some reason one of the parents wants to have the agreement modified, then he or she will have to again get approval from a judge. But doing so is not always a simple matter, especially if the other parent is against making any changes to the plan's terms.

How to Obtain a Stress-Free Divorce in Texas

Serious relationships headed down the aisle must be commended for their unmatched commitment. Honestly, nothing can be compared to the joy of finding someone to share your life with and raise a family. At such a period, you can hardly imagine any challenges lying in the horizon that might cause irreparable damage to your marriage. Unfortunately, not all nuptials get to live up to their expectations courtesy of infidelity or irreconcilable differences.

Getting divorced serves as the ultimate bombshell especially when no one anticipated such an outcome. Apart from the frenzy of tense emotions, separating spouses must also deal with property division and consider the best interests of the kids caught up in such a difficult period. Family law encompasses the rules and regulations pertaining to the family unit, with specific instructions regarding marriage and divorce. While most trivial domestic issues can be solved by the couple, sensitive subjects such as divorce and child custody must solicit the legal aid of a skilled lawyer.

Big rig accident in the Buckeye State? We'll help you fight back!

As the mid-way point between Cleveland and Cincinnati, and the confluence of interstates heading to all points of the compass, Columbus is both the destination and the way station for a lot of commercial traffic. Large trucks make their way to and from the city and surrounding area on a daily basis.

Despite the many regulations governing commercial vehicles and their operation, including restrictions on the use of handheld devices, hours of operation, and vehicle safety, truck accidents still happen. Unfortunately, when heavy trucks and passenger cars interact, the results typically favor the larger vehicle.

Country legend on comeback trail with song about her divorce

One of the reasons that country music stars are so beloved is because they write and sing songs that their fans can really relate to. And one of the biggest names in the world of country music is making a comeback after years out of the spotlight. Shania Twain is about to release a new album, her first in 15 years. And one of her songs takes a personal approach to a familiar theme; the end of a relationship.

Make sure your protective order meets your needs

Victims of domestic violence typically feel trapped. Often, leaving an abuser is a difficult proposition. This is because an abuser can become especially dangerous when his or her control over the victim is threatened. And this is why if you are trying to escape from an abuser, you may want to obtain a restraining order from the court.

Admittedly, a restraining order cannot outright prevent an abuser from continuing to cause trouble, but you can call the police to have the abuser placed under arrest if he or she violates its conditions.