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How are visitation rights determined?

When Texan parents get a divorce, you're still left with other big decisions to make. Figuring out visitation rights, for example, is often considered just as stressful if not more so than the divorce process itself. This is where help from legal professionals like Lisa E. McKnight, PC, can come in handy. We work to provide you with an understanding of your child custody options so that the process can go as smoothly as possible.

Is divorce mediation a good tool for you?

Divorced Texan parents will have a lot on their plate when it comes to determining child custody. This is where Lisa E McKnight PC can step in and help you out. She can offer you guidance through the sometimes complex legalities of child custody and help you reach an arrangement that benefits everybody.

Texas and the growing issue of international child abduction

Divorces can come with countless negative repercussions, especially in cases wherein parents do not agree on assigned child custody rights. In Texas, child custody is also known as conservatorship, which describes standard legal rights of a parent. Identical to child custody, this process can include joint managing conservatorship or sole conservatorship. When it comes to disputes regarding children and divorce, there exists a shocking number of cases in which parents travel with children internationally in attempt to regain custody.

Custody battle forces tennis star to miss US Open

Tennis fans across Texas will not see Victoria Azarenka compete in this year's US Open. As the New York Post reports, the tennis star has been ordered by a judge not to leave the state of California with her baby boy until she has settled a custody dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Billy McKeague. The tennis player, who was previously ranked first in the world until being beaten by Simona Halep at Wimbledon, had to choose between her child and her career. 

What is the Hague Abduction Convention?

If you are one of the many separated or divorced spouses in Texas who has minor children with your former partner, you will understandably be concerned about the strength and validity of any custody agreement you enter into. You know that even getting to the point of agreeing on how to share your parenting time can be a major undertaking. However, for some people there may be the added concern that the other parent may not always abide by the agreement.

Halle Berry custody agreement focused on son's well-being

Going through a divorce can be an emotional experience. And as hard as it is for adults, divorce can be especially upsetting for children. After all, it can be hard to understand why the two people who you love the most in the world cannot be happy together. This is why, as we wrote in a previous post, it's so important for divorcing parents to try to work together to shield their children from their conflicts. In that same post, we mentioned how family law judges now prefer co-parenting solutions.

When a child custody fight becomes an international incident

Just because you got divorced does not mean you don't want what is best for your child. In fact, if you are like many other divorced parents in Texas, you probably try very hard to focus on your child's best interests when making life-altering decisions.

Drug addiction can threaten your custody and visitation rights

Drug addiction is a disease that affects millions of American families. And in recent years, the use of prescription painkillers and opioids has become increasingly prevalent. As such, more and more people are finding themselves with a drug habit that has devastated their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

How do I explain our divorce to our child?

If you are a parent who is going through the dissolution of your marriage, you may be feeling overwhelmed for a number of reasons. Of course, there is the emotional toll that comes with the end of any important relationship. But you are also likely concerned about your child's emotional well-being.