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Rockstar and famous actress in child support and custody tussle

Once approved by a family court judge, a parenting plan is a legally binding agreement. This means that both parents have a legal responsibility to adhere to its terms. And if for some reason one of the parents wants to have the agreement modified, then he or she will have to again get approval from a judge. But doing so is not always a simple matter, especially if the other parent is against making any changes to the plan's terms.

Ten years ago, actress Kate Hudson and rock singer Chris Robinson agreed to a joint-custody arrangement regarding Ryder, their son. Reportedly, for most of that time, the former spouses were both amenable to the plan, but recently it appears that Mr. Robinson is no longer happy with the terms.

An insider is quoted as saying that Mr. Robinson now desires full custody and a substantial chunk of child support money as well. As the insider describes it, Mr. Robinson is dissatisfied with Ms. Hudson parenting style, which he feels is too hands-off.

However, Ms. Hudson reportedly has no interest in altering the terms of the present agreement. The source states that Ms. Hudson believes Mr. Robinson's motivation for the modification is "all about money."

If you and your child's other parent are at odds regarding a child custody or support modification, you may want to seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. Whether you are seeking a modification or trying to deny one, the attorney can act on your behalf to demonstrate to the court that your wishes are in the child's best interests.


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