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Virtual visitation after divorce

Divorced Texas parents may have some kind of virtual visitation agreement in place that allows the noncustodial parent to communicate with their child using text, phone calls or video calls. This may be especially useful if the noncustodial parent lives far away, but in some cases, custodial parents might wonder if they can cut back on or block this kind of contact.

In general, courts encourage contact between parents and children. Therefore, a court is unlikely to grant a change in this agreement unless abuse or harassment is taking place. Parents might be able to negotiate a strict schedule of when communication will occur with the assistance of their respective attorneys. If harassment is occurring, parents should document it because this may help build a case for changing or ending contact.

However, parents should think carefully before they make these changes. If the issue is merely that they dislike the other parent or disagree with that parent, it is probably still in the best interests of the child to maintain the contact. A custodial parent may want to consider consulting a child therapist before seeking changes.

Parents may struggle with child custody and visitation orders because it can be difficult to accept a reduced amount of time with their child. Furthermore, the parent may have serious disagreements with the other parent about various aspects of raising the child. Parents can try to address these disagreements in a parenting agreement that they create when they divorce. This might be negotiated with the help of their attorneys and could cover issues ranging from how to handle vacations to who will drive children to extracurricular activities. However, custodial parents should keep in mind that they generally cannot deny the other parent access to their children because of a conflict or disagreement.

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