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October 2017 Archives

Is divorce mediation a good tool for you?

Divorced Texan parents will have a lot on their plate when it comes to determining child custody. This is where Lisa E McKnight PC can step in and help you out. She can offer you guidance through the sometimes complex legalities of child custody and help you reach an arrangement that benefits everybody.

An "Empire" star's divorce and spousal maintenance issues

In celebrity divorce cases, alimony awards, referred to as spousal maintenance in Texas law, sometimes seem exorbitant. The divorce of Terrence Howard, star in the television series "Empire," and Michelle Ghent, for example, initially ended upon agreement that Howard pay $5,800 in monthly alimony support payments. However, later he claimed he was under duress during the signing of the agreement based on threats Ghent had made to publicly disclose private photos. On that basis, the lower court disapproved of the monthly alimony award in their final judgment of divorce because they found that Howard was under duress due to the threat. Ghent, claiming error on the part of the lower court's finding and judgment, appealed the judgment and won. The appeals court found that Howard was not under duress when he signed the agreement. Now, the lower court will be required to amend its judgment consistent with the opinion of the appeals court.

Detailed recordkeeping keeps divorced parents on the same page

At the end of your marriage, you are likely to have many details to track. Perhaps you are keeping a record of expenses or an event calendar for the first time, especially if you have depended on a spouse to watch over these day-to-day concerns. When you separate your finances and time from your ex-spouse, it can be tricky to determine what is fair for you and your ex. And when children are involved, you may be learning to share time and expenses for the best interest of the child.