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June 2018 Archives

Is it easy for parents to relocate after a divorce?

As a Texan parent who has gotten a divorce, you could soon find yourself wanting to move away. No matter what the reason may be, relocation is something that plenty of people contemplate after divorcing an ex-partner. Lisa E. McKnight, PC, is here to help you understand everything there is to know about relocating after a split.

Not receiving owed child support in Texas? You have options

A judge has granted you custody of the children you share with another individual, and he or she has also ordered the other party to pay child support. This may seem like good news to you at first. However, the bad news is that the other party may not be reliable in making those child support payments long term.

What is rebuttable presumption?

When couples in Texas get divorced, you're left having to deal with new financial issues. You may need to figure out how to support a household while taking care of children and working a job, or you may need to decide how your spousal support payments will work. Lisa E. McKnight PC, is here to help you navigate these waters.