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July 2018 Archives

Why did Stormy Daniels' husband file for a restraining order?

Even celebrities have to face the trials and tribulations of divorce, and they aren't always dealing with a clean split either. The news is currently following the divorce of Stormy Daniels from her husband Glendon Crain, who appears to have more than a few issues with his spouse.

How to cope with being far away from your kids after divorce

While you may have suspected that your marriage was headed for divorce quite some time before it actually happened, there was no way for you to predict what life would be like in the future, especially concerning your relationship with your children. Now that a Texas judge has issued the final decree and you have agreed to a parenting plan, you can focus on strengthening your parent/child bonds and think about ways to keep in touch with your kids when you're away.  

Does my name on the birth certificate give me parental rights?

For father's parental rights are incredibly important in Texas. Having these rights allows you to be a part of your child's life and protects you against problems that can arise with the mother. According to the Attorney General, if you are married to the child's mother, then paternity is established at birth due to the marriage. Unfortunately, things are a little more difficult if you are not married because just putting your name on the birth certificate does not establish paternity.