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November 2018 Archives

Take your co-parenting game to the next level this holiday season

With the end of the year rapidly approaching, most Texas parents are eagerly making their holiday plans. Whether booking flights or buying the perfect ingredients for a family favorite, it is an exciting time of year. But what are you supposed to do now that you are divorced? Co-parenting through the holidays can be difficult, but not impossible.

What is an MOEP?

Imagine the following scenario: you are sitting alone after having been assaulted by your spouse, who was arrested a result. What should you do know? If that describes the situation you currently find yourself in, then that question deserves serious contemplation. Whether this is the first time your spouse has been abusive to you, or this is simple the latest incident in a repeated pattern of domestic violence in Dallas, you need to consider how you can protect yourself and those you love. As difficult and as daunting as it may sound, seeking a protective order is likely your best option. 

Nations that have signed the Hague Convention

Texas parents may wonder if there is any international law that they can turn to if their children are abducted and taken overseas. The Hague Convention does establish a formal law to handle international custody disputes between the nations that have signed it. However, not every nation is a signatory to this treaty, and even some that have signed on to it do not always fully comply with its requirements.

What is common law marriage?

If you currently live with someone in Texas, it may surprise you to discover that the two of you could be legally married even though you never had a wedding ceremony or got a marriage license. The reason for this is that Texas is one of the 16 states that recognizes common law marriage.