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December 2018 Archives

Texas court sentences Brazilian couple for kidnapping grandchild

It is not only foreign-born parents who may face consequences for attempting to bring children from the U.S. to their countries of origin unlawfully. The law may also hold grandparents who kidnap their grandchildren, or who aid a parental kidnapping, to account for their actions. A couple from Brazil is discovering this first hand as a Texas court recently fined them each a significant amount of money, as well as sentencing each to short prison terms, for assisting their daughter to relocate her son to their home country without the consent of his American father. 

Texas fathers can leave their children an inheritance

Fathers who live in the Dallas area often worry about what will happen to their children in the future, when their parents are no longer around to support them. Whether a father is married, divorced or single, any Texas father can still provide for his children after he passes away by passing on their assets. There are a number of ways fathers can accomplish this.