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March 2019 Archives

What steps can you take to prevent international child abduction?

As a resident of Texas who had a child with someone who comes from another nation, you may have justifiable concerns about what could potentially happen to your shared child after your relationship comes to a close. If the relationship between you and your child’s other parent has become particularly ugly or acrimonious, you may have concerns about your ex moving back to his or her home nation and attempting to take your child along.

What are your options when your ex takes your child overseas?

According to U.S. Census Bureau findings published in LiveAbout, cross-cultural marriages are on the rise. While diversity is never a bad thing, marriages that cross international boundaries can lead to complex and emotionally trying legal issues. One such issue involves child custody. If you live in Texas, and if your ex took your child overseas, you know better than most just how hopeless a situation an international custody dispute can present. While your options may be few, know there are a few steps you can take to increase your odds of regaining custody of your loved one.