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Alimony or Spousal Support Archives

Kardashian, Humphries finally bring an end to divorce battle

For as many people who are considered to be celebrities in this country, it might be foolhardy to suggest that there is one celebrity divorce case that has gotten more attention than any other. However, in this particular case, it might very well be true.

Some campaigning for change to military alimony regulations

As we have discussed before on our divorce blog, when it comes to divorce in the military, a number of possible jurisdictions, long deployments and child care issues can complicate matters when it comes to child custody and visitation. Laws regarding alimony regarding spouses of former service members can be quite confusing as well -- and often, as some people would say, unfair.

Texas law takes conservative approach to alimony

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and one of its star players, Kobe Bryant, may have heard that the All-Star shooting guard has reconciled with his wife, Vanessa. Although she filed for divorce in 2011, the couple -- who married in 2000 and have two daughters -- appear to have patched things up. The reconciliation comes as a bit of a surprise considering their history of marital problems, including a very public sexual assault case filed against the basketball player in 2003.

Alimony can be unmanageable for Texas residents

Different states have different laws concerning divorce that may carry over when moving to a new state. Permanent alimony is not a Texas divorce law, but it exists in many other states. The order to pay lifelong spousal support is a reality for many couples living in Texas who were married in another state before moving to a new home.

What would you do to avoid paying alimony?

Most people wouldn't attest that they could see their divorce as they exchanged vows on their wedding day. Unless someone is secretly marrying for money or another nefarious reason that has nothing to do with love, it's hard to imagine that one day he or she will be arguing over alimony, child support or who gets to keep the house.

Singer Marc Anthony still paying support for first marriage

Texas fans of Grammy-winning crooner Marc Anthony know that the singer has had his share of marital ups and downs. His marriage to Jennifer Lopez lasted from 2004 to 2011, but before J.Lo, there was former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. The couple were married in May 2000 and had two sons, now ages 9 and 11. The relationship was a rocky one, and despite efforts to stay together by renewing their vows in 2002, the two eventually split in 2003 and divorced one year later.

Could you benefit from a vocational expert during your divorce?

Most people know that the first step to a successful divorce settlement is finding a good attorney. But in recent years departing spouses have been calling in other experts as well. A therapist can help you though the emotional aspects of your divorce. A mediator can keep costs down by working with spouses to reach a fair settlement out of court. And for those concerned about alimony and future income problems, a vocational expert may be just the person you need.

Texas investment firm CEO claims insolvency in divorce

In Texas and across the country, there are parents who cannot afford to pay alimony or child support. The reasons are varied: Some are unemployed, while others are incarcerated, disabled or underemployed. And some are millionaires.

Do spousal support laws need reform?

One of the many decisions to be made in a divorce settlement is alimony. Traditionally, it's been the man who makes payments to his ex-wife, who for generations made less money than her husband, if she worked out of the home at all. These days, spousal support is legally non-gender-specific because many women do earn more than their husbands. But even now, alimony is much more often awarded to an ex-wife.

Wife forced to pay spousal support to abusive husband

People in the Dallas-area may be interested to learn about a spousal support case from California where the wife must pay spousal support to her abusive husband. The working mother endured abuse for years before she divorced him in 2007 and took him to court for sexual assault in 2008. Despite the woman's difficult experience, the judge who heard the divorce case awarded the husband $1,000 per month in spousal support.