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Child Custody Archives

What can I spend my child support money for?

As a divorced parent receiving monthly child support payments, you likely have heard plenty of swirling rumors regarding what you can and cannot spend that money on. Some declare that you can only spend it on your children’s basic needs. Others declare that almost anything goes. Who should you believe?

What steps can you take to prevent international child abduction?

As a resident of Texas who had a child with someone who comes from another nation, you may have justifiable concerns about what could potentially happen to your shared child after your relationship comes to a close. If the relationship between you and your child’s other parent has become particularly ugly or acrimonious, you may have concerns about your ex moving back to his or her home nation and attempting to take your child along.

What are your options when your ex takes your child overseas?

According to U.S. Census Bureau findings published in LiveAbout, cross-cultural marriages are on the rise. While diversity is never a bad thing, marriages that cross international boundaries can lead to complex and emotionally trying legal issues. One such issue involves child custody. If you live in Texas, and if your ex took your child overseas, you know better than most just how hopeless a situation an international custody dispute can present. While your options may be few, know there are a few steps you can take to increase your odds of regaining custody of your loved one.

Texas court sentences Brazilian couple for kidnapping grandchild

It is not only foreign-born parents who may face consequences for attempting to bring children from the U.S. to their countries of origin unlawfully. The law may also hold grandparents who kidnap their grandchildren, or who aid a parental kidnapping, to account for their actions. A couple from Brazil is discovering this first hand as a Texas court recently fined them each a significant amount of money, as well as sentencing each to short prison terms, for assisting their daughter to relocate her son to their home country without the consent of his American father. 

Nations that have signed the Hague Convention

Texas parents may wonder if there is any international law that they can turn to if their children are abducted and taken overseas. The Hague Convention does establish a formal law to handle international custody disputes between the nations that have signed it. However, not every nation is a signatory to this treaty, and even some that have signed on to it do not always fully comply with its requirements.

Where is Elian Gonzalez today?

You may remember the heartbreaking case several years ago involving a young Cuban immigrant, Elian Gonzalez, and the bitter custody battle between the boy’s father and his relatives in America. Like many other Texans, you may wonder how he is doing today.

Is it easy for parents to relocate after a divorce?

As a Texan parent who has gotten a divorce, you could soon find yourself wanting to move away. No matter what the reason may be, relocation is something that plenty of people contemplate after divorcing an ex-partner. Lisa E. McKnight, PC, is here to help you understand everything there is to know about relocating after a split.

Child custody, parents and disgreements

Texas, like other states, enforces its own set of guidelines surrounding child custody arrangements. Despite these laws, many parents find themselves in tricky situations. What will the new schedule be like? Will parents work well together after the divorce is said and done? Perhaps most pressing of all, should the child decide where to live after the separation, or should parents and courts have a stronger hand in the matter?