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Child Support Archives

Texas AG puts focus on child support obligations

It takes two people to make a child. However, in many Texas families, the children live with one parent most (or all) of the time. However, this doesn't absolve the other parent of responsibility. In nearly all cases, Texas law requires noncustodial parents to make regular child support payments.

Man who won giant lottery jackpot owed $29,000 in child support

We have written recently about fathers who owed large amounts of child support despite having large amounts of money being found out because of their activities on social media websites. There are other ways that family law attorneys might be able to determine that a delinquent parent has assets that might go toward child support -- including, unlikely enough, if that parent wins the lottery.

Facebook posts lead to criminal charges over child support

People use Facebook for all sorts of reasons. Oftentimes a primary use is to keep track of family and friends through updates and photos. As technology has made it easier to record videos and take photos, people are sometimes less than judicious about the sorts of things they put onto their own pages. On occasion, this can get people into trouble. We have heard stories about people whose claims for workers' compensation have been derailed after they posted photos of themselves engaging in activities like running marathons when they were not supposed to be able to walk, let alone run.

One county finds novel way to get back child support paid

Parents in Texas who are owed back child support often wish there was a quick and painless -- at least for them -- way to collect what they are owed. Unfortunately for many single-parent caregivers, those parents who are chronically late with child support payments often do their best to avoid paying, often taking evasive action to try to stay one step ahead of collection efforts.

'Mummy' star wants child support, alimony payments reduced

When a couple in Texas divorces, it's standard procedure to determine whether one spouse will make support payments to the other. If the couple has children, the parent who obtains child custody will usually receive monthly child support payments from the other. The amount of these payments is typically determined using the non-custodial spouse's current income as a guideline.

Bethenny Frankel seeks child support in divorce

As we've discussed in past blog posts, divorce can wreak havoc on anyone's finances. Couples who go their separate ways must find a way to survive on their own, and for the lower-earning spouse, that can take some adjustment. This is especially true for parents who end up with primary child custody. They're usually forced to shoulder most of the costs of feeding, clothing and educating their children -- along with all the other household expenses -- on a reduced income.

Arrests made of Dallas parents behind on child support payments

A total of 51 parents were recently arrested in Dallas County. The main charge was failure to pay child support in violation of a court order. The arrests were made pursuant to arrest warrants and were staged by teams of officers starting as early as 6 a.m. Those arrested on these civil warrants can be jailed for up to six months.

Sperm donors sometimes required to pay child support

Over the past several years the composition of Texas families has been changing, in part due to new options for couples who seek to have children in unconventional ways. We're hearing more about same-sex couples who elect to have children with the help of a sperm donor, an option that heterosexual couples have also been making use of with increasing regularity.

Judge rules in NBA star's child support case

Often we hear about professional athletes and other celebrities who have been taken to family court by the mothers of their children. The issue is usually nonpayment of child support, a problem for thousands of Texas families. Many of these celebrity dads are accused of failing to support their children, despite their high salaries.