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Are your finances prepared for divorce?

With the decision made that you are going to divorce your spouse in Texas, you are now tasked with moving forward on your own. The process of separating your life from that of your spouse can take time and mental tenacity as you create new boundaries and reestablish your independence. One area that will require extra attention is your finances. Being proactive about organizing your financial affairs can help you to avoid costly mistakes while more effectively preparing for your future. 

Goodwill in celebrity divorce

Regardless of a Texan resident's status financially or socially, divorce is a difficult process to go through. Not only is the status quo of a person's life torn up, but they could also take a big financial hit in addition to the emotional and mental stress. Celebrities sometimes have additional weight to deal with just by being in the eye of the public, too.

Jarecki to receive spousal support from ex-wife Silverstone

In the past, when a couple divorced in Texas or elsewhere, the general assumption was that the husband earned more money than his wife and therefore, the wife would receive spousal support (also known as alimony or spousal maintenance) from her ex-husband upon their divorce. However, as more married couples are both earning paychecks, it is increasingly common for a wife to pay spousal support to her ex-husband. When either or both of the spouses are Hollywood celebrities, it may be that the wife is a bigger star making more money, meaning the court will be more likely to award spousal support to the husband.

Hurdles that are unique to older divorcees

Older couples in Texas have been getting divorces at higher rates than ever before in recent years. This is a nation-wide trend. However, while nothing outwardly differentiates a gray divorce from an average divorce, these older divorcees will be facing some unique hurdles that younger couples will likely be able to avoid.

Why did Stormy Daniels' husband file for a restraining order?

Even celebrities have to face the trials and tribulations of divorce, and they aren't always dealing with a clean split either. The news is currently following the divorce of Stormy Daniels from her husband Glendon Crain, who appears to have more than a few issues with his spouse.

What is rebuttable presumption?

When couples in Texas get divorced, you're left having to deal with new financial issues. You may need to figure out how to support a household while taking care of children and working a job, or you may need to decide how your spousal support payments will work. Lisa E. McKnight PC, is here to help you navigate these waters.

The costliest celebrity divorces and lessons learned

For the average Texan, a divorce can finalize a long and grueling period of discontent. It can also signal the beginning of a long and challenging road ahead. While these sentiments are often true among the divorces of celebrities, the lives they live as a whole often make marital dissolutions more complex. How expensive can celebrity divorces really be, and can the average, working-class couple learn anything about the divorce stories of the famous? 

What you need to know about Texas community property laws

At Lisa E. McKnight, PC, in Texas, we know that splitting up the property you and your spouse have acquired during your marriage can be very difficult and very complex, especially if you are a high net worth couple. In addition, since Texas is a community property state, you may be unclear as to what constitutes separate property as opposed to marital property.