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What is common law marriage?

If you currently live with someone in Texas, it may surprise you to discover that the two of you could be legally married even though you never had a wedding ceremony or got a marriage license. The reason for this is that Texas is one of the 16 states that recognizes common law marriage.

Are high asset divorces complicated?

You and your spouse may find that under divorce laws in Texas, the joint assets that you enjoyed together can become a source of headaches during a divorce. The higher your assets are, the more potential troubles you could run into as the litigation involved becomes more and more complex.

An "Empire" star's divorce and spousal maintenance issues

In celebrity divorce cases, alimony awards, referred to as spousal maintenance in Texas law, sometimes seem exorbitant. The divorce of Terrence Howard, star in the television series "Empire," and Michelle Ghent, for example, initially ended upon agreement that Howard pay $5,800 in monthly alimony support payments. However, later he claimed he was under duress during the signing of the agreement based on threats Ghent had made to publicly disclose private photos. On that basis, the lower court disapproved of the monthly alimony award in their final judgment of divorce because they found that Howard was under duress due to the threat. Ghent, claiming error on the part of the lower court's finding and judgment, appealed the judgment and won. The appeals court found that Howard was not under duress when he signed the agreement. Now, the lower court will be required to amend its judgment consistent with the opinion of the appeals court.

Pay child support or no car registration

Late or missing child support checks are a problem for single parents across the nation, but Texas is attempting to crack down on child support payments that have fallen into delinquency. As CBS DFW reports, the ability to register a car is now linked to a driver's child support payments being in good standing. The program, which went into effect in September 2016, prevents drivers who have not paid the child support from being able to renew their cars' registration. More than 4,600 cases have received payment since the law was enacted.

Rockstar and famous actress in child support and custody tussle

Once approved by a family court judge, a parenting plan is a legally binding agreement. This means that both parents have a legal responsibility to adhere to its terms. And if for some reason one of the parents wants to have the agreement modified, then he or she will have to again get approval from a judge. But doing so is not always a simple matter, especially if the other parent is against making any changes to the plan's terms.

How to Obtain a Stress-Free Divorce in Texas

Serious relationships headed down the aisle must be commended for their unmatched commitment. Honestly, nothing can be compared to the joy of finding someone to share your life with and raise a family. At such a period, you can hardly imagine any challenges lying in the horizon that might cause irreparable damage to your marriage. Unfortunately, not all nuptials get to live up to their expectations courtesy of infidelity or irreconcilable differences.

Your prenuptial agreement can serve as a map for your marriage

If you are in a relationship that is headed down the aisle, then congratulations. Finding that special someone with whom to share your life is an amazing experience. And you may be in such a state of mind and heart that it's impossible to imagine that your marriage will ever have any serious hurdles to clear.