Month: November 2010

Child Custody and Visitation Over the Holidays

As we approach the holidays the issue and the heart tug of whose family to spend the holidays with can be a point of contention for any married couple. For families that are divorced time management over the holidays can be an even bigger challenge. The story of one...

The Rise of the Prenuptial Agreement – Part 2

In our last post we discussed the changing perspective of prenuptial agreements from feeling like it was a plan for divorce and property division to it being a plan to protect assets. In this post we will continue to talk about the reasons for the rise in prenuptial...

The Rise of the Prenuptial Agreement – Part 1

Even though the idea of discussing a prenuptial agreement with your partner does not sound romantic, the use of prenuptial agreements is on the rise. More people are viewing premarriage contracts as a necessity as the recession, second marriages and an older first...

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