How do divorce concerns change as you age?

We all like to think that love is everlasting, but the possibility always exists that hearts will break or grow apart, and a couple that was once happily married will decide to divorce. Divorcing couples in Dallas will have many concerns that vary based on the age of...

How difficult is it to get divorced in Texas?

Regardless of where one lives, divorce is seldom easy, even when it is amicable. At some point, there is usually disagreement on who gets what or parental rights. After all, if the spouses agreed on everything, there would not be a divorce. Though, a recent study did...

Bill and Melinda Gates head for divorce

Bill Gates is known worldwide as the founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world. He and his wife, Melinda, married in 1994 and have spent the last several decades involved in significant philanthropic endeavors to better the lives and health...

Avoiding pet custody battles

Pets are special family members but determining their ownership and visitation rights can lead to emotional disputes when a couple ends their marriage. Texas is like 46 other states where pets have the same legal status in a divorce as inanimate objects such as...

Divorce rates are skyrocketing in the South

Most of us love our state. Texans, unlike any other state, tend to identify as Texans above even Americans. It is a pride that most other Americans do not understand. However, while being part of the South has many benefits, one thing that many Texas may not realize...

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