Fathers’ Rights

Rights of unwed fathers

Fathers in Texas and elsewhere take on a similar parental role as mothers. Today, they are just as involved in the upbringing, causing more fathers to have this recognized during a divorce or when unwed parents break up. Father’s rights are a growing issue, as fathers...

Can an unmarried father get custody?

As with so many legal questions, the answer to this one is “yes...but.” In terms of getting custody of your child as an unmarried father, yes you can. However, you must first establish paternity of him or her. Perhaps you have already done this by means of...

Why should you get a paternity test?

As a father who lives in Dallas, you may be considering getting a paternity test done. There are a number of questions to ask yourself, such as how a paternity test's results can personally impact you and what the potential benefits may be. Here are just a few of...

Effective co-parenting for fathers

When Texas residents get a divorce, they are typically still involved in their children's lives. It is important for fathers to understand how they and their ex-spouse can effectively co-parent and create a positive environment for their children.One important aspect...

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