Domestic Violence

Cheating, divorce and spousal abuse

Marriages fall apart for many different reasons. Sometimes, couples can work with each other to repair the damage that has been done, but many marriages are never able to overcome these hurdles. For example, infidelity and spousal abuse are common reasons for a couple...

What is an MOEP?

Imagine the following scenario: you are sitting alone after having been assaulted by your spouse, who was arrested a result. What should you do know? If that describes the situation you currently find yourself in, then that question deserves serious contemplation....

Types of protective orders in Texas

Texas residents who may have concerns about their safety or the safety of their children in domestic situations may understandably wonder about their options to protect themselves from harm. Many may have heard references to restraining orders but may not be familiar...

What happens when your EPO expires?

Domestic violence continues to be problematic in many Texas homes, as well as other areas throughout the nation. As a parent, it can be extremely frightening when a violent situation erupts, especially if your children are present, and, therefore, at risk for...

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