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Mary J. Blige faced money troubles after alimony payments

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | High Asset Divorce

Any divorce can prove to be costly, which is why it’s wise for you to do what you can to protect your financial interests throughout the marriage dissolution process. Yet, high asset divorces can be especially expensive. And even though the court may try to find a resolution that is fair for everyone involved, the truth of the matter is that the appearance of wealth can lead to some drastic terms that prove excessively burdensome.

Mary J. Blige’s case serves as an example

To see an example of this, look no further than the divorce case of singer Mary J. Blige. Despite having accumulated a significant amount of wealth from her acting and singing career, the latter including Blige’s most recent appearance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the singer claims that she found herself struggling to make ends meet after she was ordered to pay temporary alimony to her now former spouse.

According to Blige, the $30,000 a month alimony payment was so expensive that she was forced to go on tour just to ensure that she could pay her bills. Those payments lasted about two years. Blige alludes to a belief that the payments were unfair, claiming that one reason why she was short on funds was because her spouse at the time had spent it all of her money.

Don’t be taken advantage of during your divorce

If you’re headed for a high asset divorce, then you shouldn’t let appearances negatively impact your divorce decree and your obligations moving forward. That’s why it’s imperative that you understand the law and how to present evidence that speaks to the law in a way that supports your position. We know that can be an oftentimes confusing task, which is why we stand ready to help our clients avoid the drastic outcomes seen in cases like Mary J. Blige’s.