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Dallas Divorce Attorney

At the law firm of Lisa E. McKnight, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, we create legal strategies that are personalized to best suit each client’s unique situation. We are able to do this because we invest the time up front to fully understand every client’s situation. We talk through objectives and work to prioritize our clients’ goals.

Attorney Lisa E. McKnight has focused her work on family law matters since graduating from Texas Tech University School of Law in 1991. She is a board-certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization serving Dallas County and the DFW area in all facets of divorce, custody and related legal proceedings.

Our firm is also noted for successfully handling complex divorce cases, including high-asset divorces, as well as cases that appear to be unwinnable or that have been improperly handled by other attorneys.

Dallas Area Divorce Lawyer

We help our clients protect their rights regarding spousal support. Many of our clients find that the biggest challenge of divorce is establishing a solid financial foundation for their post-divorce lives. If you have been the main wage earner in your marriage, we work to protect your assets and minimize the amount of monthly support you pay.

If you have spent a number of years focused less on a career and more so on raising children and maintaining your household, we will work to obtain a spousal maintenance agreement that provides ample financial support while you retrain for a new career.

We also accompany our clients to mediation, which is likely to be ordered by the court. In mediation, we assist you in reaching as many agreements as possible with your spouse. By doing so, both of you retain optimum control over the structure of your post-divorce life rather than leave these crucial decisions to a family court judge.

A Trial-Tested Divorce Attorney Who Will Protect Your Rights

We are committed to resolving your divorce as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. However, our top priority is protecting your rights and setting the course for a successful post-divorce life. That’s why we are always prepared to go to court if a fair resolution cannot be reached through negotiations.

We understand that you probably have a number of questions about Texas divorce law and your rights. We offer a 30-minute telephone consultation for $75 in which we can answer your questions, provide a realistic assessment of your case and recommend the next steps to take. Call 214-306-7588 or use our contact form to schedule a call or a meeting in our office.