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May 2011 Archives

The problem of trying to help imprisoned parents with child support load

"What chance do I have to pay if I'm incarcerated? The longer I sit here, the higher the debt goes." That quote is from a father serving a two year drug possession sentence, and presents the question of how should child support payments be addressed while parents serve time in prison unable to work.

Japan moves closer to reforming child custody laws

In the past we have written about international parental child abductions where one parent originally from a foreign country abducts their own child in violation of a child custody order or arrangement in the United States. The Hague Convention is an international treaty that governs international child custody disputes among signatory countries. An infamous non-signatory of the Hague Convention is Japan and many parents in the United States have had their children abducted and taken there. Recently, Japan developed a plan to join the international child custody treaty.

Father fights for child custody of disabled girl

A father and his wife are fighting for the child custody of a 21-month old girl who was severely abused by her aunt and mother in April. The toddler nearly drowned to death when her aunt tied her up with electrical tape and placed her in a cold shower. The father did not know that his former partner had given birth and recently took a paternity test to demonstrate that he is the girl's father. The 22-year-old father says his wife and him are ready to welcome the girl into their home.

Father who regained son from parental child abduction fights for better child abduction laws

A father who experienced a multiple year long fight to regain custody of his son from an international parental child abduction is now fighting to improve the legal structure to do so. David Goldman is advocating for the passage of the International Child Abduction Prevention Act and wants to help resolve thousands of international child custody disputes involving American parents.

Professional sports labor troubles may endanger professional players' child support

The labor troubles of the National Football League and the National Basketball Association are playing out in ways that fans do not normally think of. The labor troubles of both professional sports leagues are beginning to affect the lives of some of the players' children in terms of child support. Many professional players from the NFL and NBA are consulting with their family law attorneys in order to prepare for possible lower incomes and therefore lower child support and alimony payments.

Welcome to Our Dallas Divorce Blog

When you are contemplating filing for divorce, a compassionate and experienced divorce attorney can be of great assistance and look out for your rights. Texas' legal system can be confusing and intimidating, with a unique set of rules and a language of its own. An attorney who understands the law and the legal process can help you evaluate your options and make the right decisions during your divorce case.

Terminal breast cancer used against mother in child custody battle

In an antagonistic child custody battle, a mother's terminal breast cancer diagnosis has been used as a strike against her by the ruling judge. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the child custody decision was not that the mother's health was a factor in the decision but how the mother's terminal breast cancer played a role in the explanation of the child custody ruling.

Property division and emotions of cohabitating unmarried couples similar to divorce

When a 30-year-old investment analyst and his girlfriend decided to buy a condo together, they did not envision a breakup five years into their future. Like many cohabitating couples who are not married, the investment analyst and his girlfriend did not have a conversation about financial expectations before making the real estate purchase. Even though the couple was not married, they still made a serious decision together and for that reason, the 30-year-old says the breakup felt like a divorce.

Equal child custody by both parents is new trend study says

Two new studies show that the public in the United States favors equal child custody arrangements for children of divorced parents. The study reflects a changing society that places more emphasis on the shared responsibilities of parents and reflects the growing recognition of fathers' rights. Those who participated in the studies were asked to complete mental exercises where they were the judge deciding a series of hypothetical cases.