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June 2011 Archives

More fathers becoming heads of single-parent households

More and more fathers are becoming the heads of single-parent households. The development has been one in the making and is the result of changing cultural norms and expectations as well as the expansion of fathers' rights. Even though women still outnumber men as the heads of single-parent households, courts and families recognize more than before that the household of the father is the best place for the children.

Delayed marriages may be causing drop in divorce rates

According to a new report from the United States Census Bureau, divorce rates for most age groups have dropped by an average of 5 percent since 1996. A sociology professor specializing in marriage and family demographics at the University of Texas at Austin believes that this may be due to an increasing trend of couples choosing to delay marriage.

Ex-husband owes $750,000 for late payment relating to former couple's division of property agreement

The head of a global bank missed a payment relating to his divorce's property division agreement and a court recently concluded the former husband owes $750,000 in interest for the late payment. It turns out that being the head of an international bank did not afford the former husband the argument that he misunderstood the terms of his divorce settlement.

Family law in Texas addresses mistaken paternity

Domestic concerns, paternity testing, and other matters of family law hit home for many Texans. Recently, legislators in Texas began to address a number of family law concerns in relation to the Texas Family Code. The governor of Texas is now reviewing pieces of legislation that seek to address several pressing domestic issues. One of the family law issues under the legislation's microscope is the problem of mistaken paternity.

Texas Mom loses custody and gets probation for spanking her daughter

Over the years, spanking has become a point of controversy among parents. Scores of arguments have been had over whether spanking a child is a legitimate way to discipline a child. Some see spanking as inexcusable and equate it to abuse. Others see spanking as a last resort and say they experienced it as a child for the better. For one mother from Texas her decision to spank her child was discussed in the legal context and within a court room. The Texas mother lost child custody and was given probation for spanking her daughter.

Seven money mistakes to avoid during property division and after divorce - Part 2

Last time we began a discussion about seven money mistakes to avoid during property division and after divorce. Going through a divorce can be an emotional time, but individuals going through divorce should not let their emotions get in the way of making solid financial decisions. During this post we will talk about the remaining four points.

Seven money mistakes to avoid during property division and after divorce - Part 1

Going through a divorce and property division of a marriage is difficult financially and emotionally. Sometimes individuals going through the property division phase of divorce can confuse their emotions with solid financial decisions. In this post and the next we will discuss seven mistakes to avoid during property division and after the divorce is concluded.

Family violence protective order not always enough in Texas

Domestic violence is unfortunately common. A growing number of people who suffer domestic violence are reaching out for help. The typical protocol for handling domestic violence cases includes a misdemeanor arrest and filing a family violence protective order. Unfortunately, the death of a Texas woman in 2009 proves that these measures aren't always sufficient.

Man tries to restart life as woman as part of child custody plan

Parents sometimes go to great lengths in order to gain custody of their children. Sometimes for better or for worse the plans of parents are not executed successfully. Take the example of one father and mother north of Texas. A 42-year-old man from Oklahoma recently tried to fake his own death so that he could help his ex-wife regain child custody over their children.

Madoff Ponzi scheme creates argument to revisit divorced couple's property division

When Steven Simkin and Laura Blank divorced in 2006, after 33 years of marriage, both individuals were ready to move on to the next part of their lives. The former couple rarely spoke to each other after their divorce except to handle issues or affairs related to their two adult sons. In 2008 when Bernie Madoff's immense Ponzi scheme was revealed, Blank received a voicemail from her ex-husband asking her to revise the former couple's property division.

Court makes novel decision regarding fathers' rights

As if reacting to the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering a child during his marriage, the Kentucky Supreme Court recently made a novel ruling regarding fathers' rights. The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that men who father a child during an affair with a woman who is married have parental rights over the child. While the law does not affect law here in Texas, the ruling is an acknowledgement to the growing role that DNA testing plays in family law.

'Wheel of Fortune' winnings subject of divorce case's property division

A husband who was the winning contestant of an episode of the "Wheel of Fortune" has to split his winnings 50-50 with his former wife. The former couple started their divorce before the husband's appearance on the game show but reconciled during the game show. The judge said the couple's reconciliation during the show was enough to warrant the even division of the game show winnings when the couple resumed their divorce afterward.