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November 2011 Archives

Single dads get more custody, but still struggle over impact

A generation ago, the portrait of a divorced father was radically different. He had less custody of his children and fewer rights. Judges typically -- even automatically -- sent the children of divorcing couples to live with the mother, assuming that she was the better caregiver without considering the particular needs of the children or the resources of either parent. Primary custody for the father was almost unheard of, barring extreme circumstances.

Man sues fertility clinic, claiming ex-girlfriend stole his sperm

Paternity and child support lawsuits abound in family law. Hollywood gossip has made us all too familiar with cases in which a woman sues an old flame -- or a celebrity she's never met -- to get financial support for children he didn't know he had. But a recent case in Texas has an interesting twist.

Dallas Cowboys player takes paternity test, follows suit

We hear all the time about celebrities being told they're the father of an illegitimate child, with mothers of those children demanding paternity tests and large sums of money for child support. Tween heartthrob Justin Beiber recently faced a paternity suit filed by a woman who said her baby was the product of a backstage sexual encounter.

Man receives bill for $84K in child support

Whenever a couple with dependent children divorces, complications are likely to arise. The process can be overwhelming and painful not just for the children, but for both parents. There are assets and property to divide, custody issues to settle, and of course, child support payments to make.

Woman sues family counselor for sexual harassment

When it comes to sorting out family law issues, many people rely on a multitude of professionals to help them sort out. A woman in Amarillo, Texas, ended up suing one of those professionals, accusing him of sexual harassment and threats to undermine her child custody case.

Judge orders divorcing couple to disclose Facebook passwords

Even in the most amicable divorces, there are secrets. Couples who have decided to part ways can be protective of their assets, their children and of the very information that may have caused the split in the first place.

Wife forced to pay spousal support to abusive husband

People in the Dallas-area may be interested to learn about a spousal support case from California where the wife must pay spousal support to her abusive husband. The working mother endured abuse for years before she divorced him in 2007 and took him to court for sexual assault in 2008. Despite the woman's difficult experience, the judge who heard the divorce case awarded the husband $1,000 per month in spousal support.

Financial protection when ending a long marriage

During the process of divorce, a partner who was not in charge of the family finances can receive some unwelcome economic surprises. According to the Texas Vital Statistics Unit, the rate of divorce has increased from 3.3 per 1,000 residents in 2005 to 3.4 per 1,000 in 2006. Nationwide statistics reflect a similar upswing.

Parents lose child custody of all three children because of their names

Two parents recently lost child custody of their children because of the children's names. The parents named two of their children "Adolf Hitler" and "Aryan Nation". The parents of the children say the child custody decision was made even though a state appellate court did not find any evidence of abuse. "They were taken over the children's names," said the father.