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December 2011 Archives

Estranged father of exonerated Texas inmate seeks payout

Last week we wrote about a man whose ex-wife sought a portion of his compensation for being wrongly imprisoned. Coincidentally, the man who inspired the fund that paid the exoneree is at the center of a similar family law debacle.

Crime novelist in plot to hire hit man to kill estranged husband

When a couple decides to divorce, it can get complicated, particularly if adultery is involved. Some couples prefer to remain "estranged" in the same household, particularly if finances are tight. In Texas, one married couple's break-up involved all of the above, and it ended with an arrest.

With unemployment, divorce rate goes down, domestic violence up

The sour economy and high unemployment rate has implications beyond the pocketbook. In terms of families, unemployment can cause major tension and strife. Interestingly, it does not affect the divorce rate the way you may think.

Financial woes among couples can lead to more serious problems

If you suspect the bad economy has had a negative effect on your marriage, you're not alone. A survey by National Public Radio and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the high unemployment rate in the U.S. has put a strain on many families. More than a fifth of Americans who have been unemployed for at least a year say their relationships have worsened. Even more say their financial situation has hurt their partners' health and well-being.

Ex-wife of exonerated man goes after his millions in compensation

A man who spent 25 years in prison for a string of crimes he didn't commit said that life didn't get any less complicated after he was exonerated. Since the state paid him about $4 million in compensation, his ex-wife has asked the court for a share of it as an unprecedented form of property division.

Mother arrested in groundbreaking international custody case

There seems to be a countless number of divorced or separated couples who have battled over custody of their children. It's natural for parents to try to maintain the bond they have with their sons and daughters as a family breaks apart. But few reach the level of a current custody case that has stretched beyond U.S. borders.

Former Texas city worker jailed for not paying child support

There seems to be a growing problem regarding child support. In today's lagging economy, more people are struggling financially, including non-custodial parents. When budgets get tighter, child support payments become a lower priority.

Divorce studies that made headlines this year

At the end of the year, it's easy to look back at what got people talking. There were a number of interesting divorce-related studies released in 2011, and the Huffington Post takes a look at some of the more surprising ones. As you read, ask yourself which are most surprising to you.

Transgender divorce raises new issues in Texas

In almost every divorce exist some arguments -- who should get the house or how much time the children should get with each parent, for example. Rarely, however, is there a dispute over whether the husband is a man or a woman. But that's the central issue in a current divorce case in Dallas County.