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January 2012 Archives

Divorcing couples now fighting over the mortgage, not the house

Traditionally, the house that a couple shares has been a point of major contention when they decide to divorce. But in light of the housing bust in recent years, this classic property division argument has shifted somewhat. Instead of arguing over who gets to keep the house, divorcing spouses are talking about who should be sacked with paying the mortgage.

New forms making Texas divorce easier may not work for everyone

Answering the call to make divorce easier and cheaper, the Texas Supreme Court has developed new forms that couples can fill out themselves to get the process going. But the forms may be so oversimplified that they could cause problems down the road.

New stalking law in Texas could help curb domestic violence

More than 3.4 million people are stalked each year, and such behavior sometimes leads to domestic violence. January is Stalking Awareness Month, and many agencies and advocacy groups are hoping to highlight the problem.

Do spousal support laws need reform?

One of the many decisions to be made in a divorce settlement is alimony. Traditionally, it's been the man who makes payments to his ex-wife, who for generations made less money than her husband, if she worked out of the home at all. These days, spousal support is legally non-gender-specific because many women do earn more than their husbands. But even now, alimony is much more often awarded to an ex-wife.

Guilt not such a bad thing -- at least in divorce proceedings

Guilt is an emotion that can come up a lot in divorce, especially if one member of the couple has been caught cheating. In the absence of infidelity, a spouse can feel guilt over not being invested enough in the marriage, or not spending enough time on the kids, the dog or even the household chores. Many people believe guilt is a useless emotion because it's a reflection of things that happened in the past. And in a failed marriage, there's no looking back.

Annulment can have financial benefits over divorce

Many of us had a hearty laugh over the short-lived marriage of socialite Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries. But their consideration of an annulment was comparatively wise, especially for two people with massive fortunes.

Fighting for your rights in divorce? Don't forget your children's

The first mention of divorce can have couples squaring off in a virtual boxing ring, each ready to fight for everything they stand to lose or gain, including child custody. But in the heat of all this battling, it's important to remember that your kids have rights, too.

New comic strip shines light on children of divorce

There's something about an underdog that we all love. Generations of pop culture have introduced us to fictional characters who may have been down on their luck, but that's what makes them so loveable -- we can relate to them, because we've gone through the same experiences.

D.C. law could make it easier for gay couples to divorce

If you've ever been stuck in a marriage that no longer works, regardless of the reasons, you know what it's like to go through a divorce, or at least to seriously consider it. But what if the laws in your state didn't allow you to legally part from your spouse?