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February 2012 Archives

In divorce, knowledge is power - unless it's illegal

What lengths would you go to in order to strengthen your divorce case? Would you try to access personal files on her computer? Troll his Facebook and Twitter accounts or intercept email messages? Perhaps a better question is whether your spouse would do any of these things to you.

Your Texas divorce and continued health insurance coverage

A recent study conducted by the University of Michigan found that women are more likely to lose their health insurance coverage within six months of finalizing a divorce and to go without medical insurance for at least two years post-divorce than are men. In the wake of rising health care costs, the loss of medical insurance could have greater financial impact on a divorce than any other division of marital property.

U.S. Supreme Court declines hearing grandparents' rights case

Every state, including Texas, has a law regarding grandparent visitation that can allow a judge to require regular access to grandchildren. However, the line surrounding grandparents' rights is a bit fuzzy. What if the parents of a child ask a judge not to allow regular visits with the grandparents? Is making such a request a right of the parents?

Texas child custody fight draws to a close

A near-decade-long international child custody fight has come to an end with the birthday of the boy at the center of it all. The boy, who recently turned 16, has officially "aged out" of a treaty that deals with child abduction across national borders, leading a judge to sign an order to dismiss the case between the boy's parents.

Mediators can offer sensible alternative to court

Many people who contact mediators don't necessarily understand what mediators do and how they can help in the divorce process. As a Huffington Post article notes, divorce mediation has been rightly pegged as a sensible alternative to disputes resolved in court. It's just that many people don't know all that much about it.

Mid-wife crisis: Divorce rates double for women over 50

It used to be that if you made it through the first 20 or 30 years of your marriage, you and your spouse stuck it out to the end no matter how much you soured toward each other or grew apart. Divorcing over 50 was a major personal and financial upheaval that didn't seem worth the trouble once you and your other unhappily married friends really started to think about it.

Are Best Actress Oscar winners in need of premarital agreements?

Winning an Oscar is every actor's dream come true. Achieving such success early in life, however, can be a set-up for a letdown, and there is a surprising link between Best Actress winners and the rates of divorce. So much so, in fact, that women who achieve such success might be well-served by arranging for premarital agreements.

Court allows man to sue for cost of raising another man's child

It's often been said that if parents knew in advance how much their bundle of joy would cost in bundles of cash over 18 years, they'd think twice about having kids at all. Fortunately, most parents aren't deterred by that. But a family law case has prompted one court to literally put a price on a child's life.

To succeed in co-parenting after divorce, be a co-partner

One of the biggest challenges of divorce is learning how to be a good co-parent. You and your spouse may have fought to the bitter end about everything under the sun, but if there's one thing you need to agree on, it's how to successfully raise your children under two households.

Increase in single dads affects Texas fathers' rights

Decades ago, it was assumed that when a couple with children divorced, the mother would automatically be granted full custody. Fathers would be required to pay child support, of course, but except under unusual circumstances, they rarely saw their children outside of rotating weekends and holidays.