Month: February 2012

Texas child custody fight draws to a close

A near-decade-long international child custody fight has come to an end with the birthday of the boy at the center of it all. The boy, who recently turned 16, has officially "aged out" of a treaty that deals with child abduction across national borders, leading a...

Cellphones increasingly used as evidence in divorce

Those going through a divorce are increasingly using evidence on their cellphones to help their cases.A selection of divorce lawyers recently took a survey, and results showed that 92 percent believe the devices are being used more to capture and display evidence...

Mediators can offer sensible alternative to court

Many people who contact mediators don't necessarily understand what mediators do and how they can help in the divorce process. As a Huffington Post article notes, divorce mediation has been rightly pegged as a sensible alternative to disputes resolved in court. It's...

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers anymore

If you're on the verge of a divorce, you may feel especially unhappy this Valentine's Day. It can be hard to watch people in love feeding sweet chocolates to each other while your own relationship continues to sour.But rest assured you're not alone: Divorce filings...

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