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Football superstar owes back child support alimony

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2012 | Firm News

When Texas couples are involved in domestic violence disputes, sometimes this means there is a problem in a relationship. If this is the case, oftentimes it may be wise for the parties to consider their options, especially when children are involved.

This means considering the possibility of legally separating, filing for divorce, and reaching a child support and alimony agreement between the two parties. Having a legally enforceable agreement in these cases can potentially avoid problems in the future, and can serve as a legally enforceable contract if for some reason those obligations are not met.

In 2010, Warren Sapp, a well-known former defensive lineman in the NFL was arrested on charges of domestic violence, and specifically one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. Those charges were eventually dropped by prosecutors because of insufficient evidence.

Since then, Sapp has not only struggled with the law and his personal relationships, he has also been struggling financially as well, despite the fact that he has created for himself a lucrative post-NFL career as a TV football analyst.

However, he has substantial debt, including amounts he owes for back child support and alimony to four women who are the mothers of his four children. They have sued to enforce those obligations, but considering that he is strapped for cash he has been unable to make the payments.

Recently, he has filed for bankruptcy protection under the theory that his assets, valued at more than $6 million, will be liquidated in order to pay off his family obligations, along with other creditors.

Hopefully, once he exits from bankruptcy he will have his finances organized such that he will once again be able to meet his child support and alimony responsibilities.

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