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May 2012 Archives

Texas child custody case could upend entire mediation process

A Texas father's quest to have his own child custody agreement tossed out could have far-reaching consequences for disputed divorces across the state. At the heart of the issue is a conflict between long-held state laws and the safety of his daughter.

Deion Sanders ordered to pay child support, but not alimony

A Texas judge has ruled on the divorce case of NFL star Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar, bringing some closure to yet another tumultuous celebrity breakup. The former Dallas Cowboy was ordered to pay $10,000 a month in child support, but will not have to pay alimony.

Some men misuse domestic violence laws for upper hand in divorce

Domestic violence laws exist in order to protect people from being abused by their loved ones. As strange as it may sound, some men turn domestic violence laws upside down in order to get the upper hand when divorcing their wives.

A 'bad divorce' may have a silver lining

We've discussed at length in this blog how to shield children from the lasting negative effects of divorce. Plenty of studies have addressed children's outlook on relationships long after their parents go through one. But some new research suggests that there may actually be a benefit for children whose parents undergo a particularly nasty split.

New court program teaches unmarried parents how to work together

In our last post we told the story of a single dad in Texas who did his best to fulfill the role of both a mother and father. While there are countless success stories of single parents who go the extra mile to raise their children, it's far from an easy task, and many would agree that it's not ideal, particularly when the other parent simply doesn't have the wherewithal to contribute and develop a relationship with the child.

Texas woman's story highlights single parents' unique role

If you're a newly divorced parent or about to become one, you may be wondering how you'll fill the day-to-day role of a single mom or dad, particularly if your child's other parent isn't in the picture. After you've been granted child custody, some might tell you that a single-parent household isn't the best for children, or that you can't adequately fulfill the duties of both a mother and father. But one Texas woman's story shows that children have a lot to gain when you're willing to put in the effort.

Child custody, divorce proceedings need not damage your children

In previous posts we've discussed the potentially negative effects of divorce on children and ways to protect them from any conflict you and your spouse experience during the proceedings. Whether or not that conflict directly involves your children, such as a dispute over child custody, it's important to consider how they will be affected in the long term by your actions.

Hiding assets in divorce more difficult in digital age

With the exception of the most amicable divorces, there's often a temptation for splitting spouses to gain or retain everything they can. Asset and property division are thorny issues, particularly in high net worth divorces. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 31 percent of U.S. adults who combined their assets with a spouse or unmarried partner admit to being deceptive about money. And 58 percent say they've hidden cash from the other person.

Divorce alternatives may be for you, but do your homework

Roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, but that doesn't necessarily resign splitting couples to the stereotypical, lengthy, messy scenario that many people fear. In fact, there are plenty of alternatives to typical divorce.

Spy gadgets becoming more popular in divorces

Can you imagine your ex spying on you with a teddy bear camera? It sounds ridiculous, but it happens more often than you might think. In fact, spy gadgets such as tiny cameras and recording devices are being used more often by people going through a contentious divorce.