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July 2012 Archives

Husbands, fathers seeing more equality in divorce proceedings

If there's any area in life where men aren't always treated fairly, it may be in divorce. There are many reasons for this. Decades ago, men were almost always the primary breadwinners and often provided the only source of household income. Their wives were usually the primary caregivers of the children. So when the family went through a divorce, women were given primary or sole custody of the children and their husbands provided child support and alimony.

New standards recommended for military child custody cases

Single-parent military service members who are deployed have frequently had difficulties in family court over a variety of issues, particularly child custody. The Uniform Law Commission, a national organization whose mandate it is to recommend standard state laws, has made some suggestions for how states, including Texas, could improve their laws to improve fairness and uniform results for military parents in child custody and visitation disputes.

NFL's Terrell Owens avoids jail time with child support payments

Professional athletes often make news that extends beyond the sports pages, many times as a result of family law issues. Back in March, for example, we discussed the case of former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who ran into legal trouble for failure to pay child support.

Advantages of signing a premarital agreement

Some couples struggle with deciding whether to sign a premarital agreement. Young couples who are marrying for the first time sometimes don't want to admit that divorce is a real possibility. The reality is that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, and some couples who avoided signing a prenuptial agreement later wish they had.

Texas woman convicted of bribery related to child custody case

Texas parents locked in child custody battles might say they would do anything to ensure they can live and spend enough time with their children. But most realize that they have to accept the terms laid out by a family law judge. Only in the most extreme child custody cases do parents thwart a court's final decision, and such cases usually result in even more restrictions on that parent's access to their children.

Texas seniors may benefit from prenuptial agreements

Seniors in Texas who are planning to get married may want to consider taking a legal precaution that many young couples don't: Signing a prenuptial agreement is often more important for marrying couples who already have assets to their name.

Study: Does divorce rate correspond with income level?

A recent study, which was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, took a look at income levels and divorce rates. While people with low incomes and those with high incomes were found to have similar values, it's believed that socioeconomic factors play a role in a higher divorce rate among people with lower income levels.

Should Texas parents go to jail for not paying child support?

If you're a single parent who receives child support payments, chances are good that you rely on that money to help cover your children's basic expenses -- that is, unless you don't receive it because their other parent either refuses or can't afford to pay. Depending on your circumstances, you may be for or against incarceration for parents who don't pay child support.

Amicable divorce can lower stress for couples, children

Even though many people think of divorce in a negative light, the truth is that a marital split can be beneficial for the individuals who make up a distressed couple. People grow and change, and sometimes marriages do not hold up through these changes. Divorce is an emotional period, especially when children are involved, but it does not have to be absolutely miserable.

Dallas domestic violence shelters are filling up

There is typically a spike in domestic violence cases in the summertime. For whatever reason, the July 4 holiday tends to see the most cases all year. But this year the increase in incidents began in April, and now Dallas-area domestic violence shelters are overflowing.