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Amicable divorce can lower stress for couples, children

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2012 | Firm News

Even though many people think of divorce in a negative light, the truth is that a marital split can be beneficial for the individuals who make up a distressed couple. People grow and change, and sometimes marriages do not hold up through these changes. Divorce is an emotional period, especially when children are involved, but it does not have to be absolutely miserable.

Even though you still may be going through a stretch of emotional difficulty, be aware that you can have a diplomatic divorce that will be cordial and efficient. These are called amicable divorces. Amicable divorces are always uncontested, which means that both parties acknowledge that the marriage is over. Both partners in amicable divorces commit to working together for a reasonable solution.

An amicable divorce does require you and your spouse to remain friends. It also does not mean that the divorce will be emotionally easy or without its challenges. Approaching divorce proceedings with a mature, composed attitude simply helps speed the process. Diplomatic approaches to divorce can also attempt to even the playing field, meaning you may not get everything that you want.

This is especially true if you are attempting to hammer out a custody agreement. Amicable divorces benefit children by making the process faster and less dramatic. Parents who are not fighting over stressful divorce proceedings are more available to provide emotional support for their children. Even if you don’t have children, you can still benefit by arranging your spousal support quickly and agreeably. Amicable divorces give both parties better control over the outcome of the process.

For example, divorces that go to court are ultimately decided by the judge, not the parties involved. Although the judges may try to divide assets with fairness, they may overlook specific requests that they deem unnecessary. Your freedom of choice is protected if you choose the amicable divorce route.

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