Month: October 2012

Texas man shot during child custody dispute

As we discussed in a blog post last week, issues surrounding child custody can add a high amount of stress to any couple's divorce proceedings. Many times the arguments about where a child will live or how much time he or she will spend with a noncustodial parent can...

Music producer wanted for nonpayment of child support

In this still-stagnant economy, many Texas parents are continuing to struggle to make ends meet. This is especially true for single parents, most of whom rely on child support to pay all of their monthly expenses. But as millions of these parents can attest, payments...

Is it possible to break your prenuptial agreement?

A lot can change over 20 years, including trends in marriage. If you had asked the average bride- or groom-to-be two decades to sign a prenuptial agreement, you might have gotten a resounding, insulted "no."Perhaps people are getting more jaded or simply more...

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