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December 2012 Archives

Sperm donors sometimes required to pay child support

Over the past several years the composition of Texas families has been changing, in part due to new options for couples who seek to have children in unconventional ways. We're hearing more about same-sex couples who elect to have children with the help of a sperm donor, an option that heterosexual couples have also been making use of with increasing regularity.

Mom arrested in Texas after defying child custody orders

As we discussed in our last post, this time of year is difficult for divorced parents who aren't able to spend time with their children. Child custody arrangements don't put an end to a parent's love for their children, after all. But defying these arrangements isn't a good idea, either. Usually doing so just makes things worse by decreasing the time noncustodial parents and kids are able to spend together.

Texas town leads nation in divorce increase - but why?

One divorce statistic that often gets tossed around claims that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. This figure can be hard to confirm, and it undoubtedly fluctuates from year to year. A more interesting and verifiable statistic has to do with where these divorces are occurring.

Divorced Texas parents need not struggle during holidays

For Texas parents who are divorced, celebrating the holiday season can be tough -- especially if it's your ex's turn to spend them with the kids. But just because your child custody arrangement dictates that you won't be there on Christmas Day doesn't mean you have to hunker down with the lights off until the holidays have passed you by. The holidays aren't just for children, and you could probably use some celebration time yourself.

Spouses with personality disorders can complicate divorce

A great many Texas residents who choose to file for divorce do so because of conflicting personalities with their spouse. Whether they've been married for one year or 50, many couples stop getting along and decide they can't handle each other's moods, habits and idiosyncrasies anymore. This is fairly common, but sometimes clinical psychological problems rise above the level of annoying quirks.

Texas mother, daughter reunited after international custody fight

It's not uncommon for divorced parents to disagree on terms of child custody. Parents who are denied the level of custody or visitation that they seek after no longer living with their children often feel resentful toward the custodial parent. They may also have fears that their children won't love them as much without more time spent together. In some cases, these fears lead parents to make irrational and even illegal decisions.

Divorcing parents must consider insurance in property division

Any couple going through a divorce has the unenviable task of dividing up their property and assets. But a discussion on property division can and should extend well beyond who will keep the house. If you have children, you'll need to consider their futures as well as yours, including how they'll be covered by insurance.

Married employers who don't stay together may still pay together

In Texas and across the country, there are married couples who run a business together. But just as with any other marriage, these co-workers can have relationship problems that lead to divorce. When this happens, the spouses usually find themselves at a crossroads: Should they go their separate ways both personally and professionally?

Judge rules in NBA star's child support case

Often we hear about professional athletes and other celebrities who have been taken to family court by the mothers of their children. The issue is usually nonpayment of child support, a problem for thousands of Texas families. Many of these celebrity dads are accused of failing to support their children, despite their high salaries.

Father wins custody of baby put up for adoption without consent

Most Texas parents would agree that no matter what becomes of a marriage, the children it produces will forever be important to them. Couples may go through a divorce so bitter that they never want to see each other again, but few mothers and fathers are willing to give up access to their children, even those born after a couple has parted ways.

What would you do to avoid paying alimony?

Most people wouldn't attest that they could see their divorce as they exchanged vows on their wedding day. Unless someone is secretly marrying for money or another nefarious reason that has nothing to do with love, it's hard to imagine that one day he or she will be arguing over alimony, child support or who gets to keep the house.