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Wayward mom convicted of non-support of her children

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2013 | Firm News

Many single parents in Texas struggle with keeping their heads above water when they don’t get the child support they are owed from the other parent. In many cases, even if warrants exist to get the parent in custody, they are seldom picked up. However, sometimes an arrest and conviction will actually have a positive effect and lead to a financial improvement in the custodial parent’s situation.

This happened recently to a man whose wife, who lives in Texas, was convicted in Mississippi on felony charges for failing to support her children. It is relatively rare that a mother would be the one ordered to pay child support to a father; however, this case seems to be a victory for fathers’ rights.

The woman received a five-year suspended sentence and ordered to pay $5,000 against the back child support that she owed. She paid it, and she was also ordered to increase her monthly payments by almost $300 to make up for the rest of the amount that she still owes.

It is very frustrating for parents who are owed child support when it is apparent that the wayward parent is not paying for reasons other than financial hardship. The fact that the woman in this case was able to pay $5,000 on the spot against her outstanding obligation might indicate that she could have been paying her required child support all along. Parents who are not being paid what has been ordered by the court may wish to consult with a family law attorney to help their case.

Source: News Channel 12, “Deadbeat Mom Sentenced for Failing to Pay Child Support,” April 16, 2013