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Kelly Rutherford filing for bankruptcy after bitter divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Firm News

One of the most difficult things to do in the wake of divorce is recover financially. As we previously discussed on this blog, there are already a number of expenses that pop up after a divorce that can make for some difficult financial adjustments. Insurance rates, childcare and general living expenses can change dramatically after a Texas divorce. 

But for some people, it is the costs associated with a long, drawn-out divorce or child custody dispute that can be the most difficult to deal with. Actress Kelly Rutherford, who once starred in the show “Gossip Girl,” has reportedly filed for bankruptcy in the wake of a very messy and very expensive international child custody battle.

Rutherford’s troubles began in 2009 when she filed for divorce from her husband. She was still pregnant with their second child. For the next four years, Rutherford was engaged in a bitter battle for custody of their children, as there was a lot at stake.

According to reports, Rutherford’s husband took their two children to his home and Monaco where they now live. The actress has reportedly spent just about every penny she has trying to get custody of children and have them back in the U.S. However, a judge recently ruled that the children would stay in Monaco and Rutherford would need to travel there in order to see her children.

Some sources say that Rutherford has spent $1.5 million on this fight for her children, which is likely not an expense that she anticipated. She has apparently filed for bankruptcy.

These types of family law disputes, especially those involving celebrities, can quickly get out of control. Between the money that is accessible and the risk of bad publicity, many people will do whatever it takes to get what they want, no matter how much it costs. However, for other people without this level of income or notoriety, there are different ways to approach the situation. With the help of an attorney, a person can fight for a fair post-divorce solution that will not break the bank and will be agreeable to all parties.

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