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Timbaland’s five-year marriage to end in divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2013 | Firm News

Being married to a celebrity can come with a long list of perks. There may be more money, nicer cars, worldwide travel and the excitement of red carpets and VIP treatment. But all that fame and fortune comes with some pretty significant downfalls as well. 

In the event of a divorce, high-profile couples have a lot at stake. All the perks that were enjoyed during a marriage now have to be split up, and it is unlikely that a non-famous spouse will be able to maintain the lifestyle he or she was living during a marriage. That is why there may be a much longer list of requests when a divorce involves a celebrity. 

For example, famous music producer Timbaland reportedly received a long list of requests from his estranged wife after she filed for divorce.

According to reports, Timbaland and Monique Mosley were married for five years and share a child together. When Mosely filed for divorce, she reportedly had some requests that would enable her to continue to living the life she had been accustomed to during the marriage. She is requesting that Timbaland pay her permanent alimony, in addition to private schools, camps and vacations for the child they share and for another child Mosley had from a previous relationship. She also wants Timbaland to cover her legal fees.

It is not uncommon to read about these types of elaborate financial requests in celebrity splits, since there is often more money at stake. But spouses do not need to be famous to request ongoing and fair financial support in a divorce. With the help of a Texas attorney, spouses can work out child support, spousal support and other payments that are appropriate in a divorce.

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