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Ready to divorce? There shouldn’t be an app for that

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2013 | Firm News

Texas couples who are considering filing for divorce have a wide range of options available for processing the end of their marriage. Some will take the path of traditional litigation, while others will turn to more collaborative approaches such as mediation. Couples who are able to work together to reach the end of their marriage can often save a great deal of time, money and turmoil. However, even the most amicable divorce cases require a careful approach, and one that takes the unique needs of each couple into consideration.

A new option is in the works for couples who want a quick and cost-effective path to divorce. Multiple companies offer computer-based programs aimed at assisting couples through the divorce process. While these companies tout significant savings and a painless divorce process, there are a number of risks inherent in allowing a computer program to dictate major decisions within one’s divorce.

Even when spouses are not at odds with one another, ending a marriage is a significant financial undertaking. Legal counsel is not only in place to be sure that a client’s rights are protected. A divorce attorney can also provide a wealth of information on how a couple can make property division choices that can reduce their tax liability and retain as much marital wealth as possible.

At the end of the day, most Texas couples who are going through a divorce want the ability to walk away from the marriage with a solid financial footing from which to move forward in their lives. Having access to legal advice that takes into consideration the unique divorce scenario that an individual faces is a significant advantage over asking a computer program to take the reins. While technology has made amazing advancements in recent years, some things are best handled with a human touch.

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