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Charlie Sheen taking his chances on fourth marriage: no prenup

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Firm News

For years now, many of us have read about the dramatic life of Charlie Sheen. Professionally, he’s made strange media appearances and a dramatic departure from his former show “Two and a Half Men.” His personal life has been just as bizarre, with stories about drug and alcohol use and criminal charges.

But recently it is Sheen’s romantic life that has generated the most buzz. Sheen has been married three times, and has five children. He has had numerous public disputes with ex-wife Brooke Mueller over child custody and child support, and reportedly spends a whopping $100,000 on child support payments every month. Many people would assume that Sheen would be a little more cautious about protecting his finances as he heads into yet another marriage; but not surprisingly, the actor is opting not to play it safe.

Sheen is now engaged to 24-year-old former adult film actress Brett Rossi and the couple plans to get married and start a family. This likely means like Sheen and his soon-to-be wife will be sharing finances, purchasing a home together and having children. But as hopeful as the couple may be about their future together, the reality is that there is quite a lot at stake if the couple ends up getting divorced.

If that happens, Sheen could be on the hook for more child support payments and alimony and he could lose a significant chunk of the $125 million he is reportedly worth. But much of this could be limited or addressed with a prenuptial agreement. When this much money is at stake, couples may choose to file a prenup that outlines individual assets that should not be divided in the event of a divorce and define expectations regarding spousal maintenance.

But Sheen has said that “Prenups poison marriages,” and denies reports that he is having a prenuptial agreement drawn up.

Couples in Texas may want to consider Sheen’s relationship history before they decide to follow his lead regarding prenuptial agreements. There is nothing wrong with taking steps to protect yourself and your future before getting married, even though most people have nowhere near as much money as Sheen. Speaking with an attorney can be a good way for Texas couples to explore their options and find the solutions that best fit their needs.

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