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Parents charged with avoiding child support

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2014 | Firm News

For Texas law enforcement professionals, social media has made aspects of the job much easier. Recently, non-custodial parents who have claimed to not have enough money to pay adequate child support have been found to be contradicting themselves on their Facebook pages. When caught, these parents often face charges for avoiding payments. Some officials have noted that Facebook helps officers determine who has resources and who does not.

In one recent case, a man was ordered to pay $100 per month in child support. However, he only made a payment one time before stopping. Though he claimed he did not have sufficient resources, he was discovered to be posing next to large stacks of cash on his Facebook profile. The mother of his child said she believed that if the man could be flashing that much money, he could at least help to support their child.

In another case, a man was charged with felony evasion of child support after paying a total of $189 to support his son, a toddler with leukemia. The child’s mother was burdened with paying the bills for his many medical procedures. Though the father claimed to not have enough money, he was allegedly boasting on Facebook about how much money he was bringing home from work.

When a non-custodial parent doesn’t pay enough child support or stops paying entirely, it can put a huge burden on the parent who cares for the child. When this happens, it may be helpful for parents to talk to a lawyer who has experience in family law and child support cases. The lawyer may be able to help the parent pursue legal remedies in an attempt to recover the delinquent amounts.

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