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Month: June 2016

Anticipating divorce and financial planning

Most married couples plan on being together forever, so it is not always easy for them to consider the possibility of divorce in the future. However, not being prepared might lead to a more precarious financial situation after a split. One of the ways couples prepare...

Prenup nixed in immigrant divorce case

Alimony disputes and other divorce-related matters are not uncommon in Texas courts. Prenuptial agreements often play a role in the outcome of these disputes as two parties bring their marriage to an end. While a legally executed prenup could limit the rights of the...

How to choose a mediator for a divorce

Texas couples who are going through a divorce may have decided to hire a mediator, but they might also have questions about how to choose the right one. The first question a couple should ask themselves is whether they trust the mediator. This includes trusting the...