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Divorce was food for Food Network star’s soul

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2016 | Divorce

It is the time of year now when many of us might tune into the Food Network to see what all the amazing talents are cooking up for the upcoming holidays. A familiar face from the network is Gina Neely. You probably remember her from the show she costarred in with Pat Neely.

At the time of the show, Gina and Pat were married. They were high-school sweethearts whose shared love and talent for cooking, along with their relationship, helped land them a popular TV gig.

You can imagine, then, how it would have been difficult for Gina to divorce Pat. But she did.

In a recent interview, Gina shared how she and her ex tried to improve their marriage various times. She also confessed that she knew divorce was likely, even when their show began. In fact, she believes doing the show together made the right decision clearer to her.

Neely’s insight about her celebrity divorce highlights some truths about many non-celeb divorces. Despite trying to save a marriage, sometimes the marriage just won’t work for one or both parties anymore. Also, despite knowing that a marriage isn’t great, some partners will take on business interests together anyway. 

When a couple has a business together or their income has been at least somewhat dependent on their partnership, divorce can be daunting. What if the end of the marriage marks the end of a business or a reduction in income?

Neely took the risk. She recognized it “became necessary” to change her life. She wanted to be happier. If you can relate to that feeling, the feeling of being unhappy, of wanting space, of needing to change your life for your health, you are not that different than the celebrity chef.

A family law attorney whom you trust can explain how divorce might impact your business and how you can best protect it during and in the wake of divorce.