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April 2017 Archives

Will your ex get half your frequent flyer miles in divorce?

With social media playing such a significant role in the lives of most Texas residents, many couples recognize the importance of creating rules around the use of social media in a marriage. You may even consider the inclusion of such rules in a prenup. However, have you taken the time to consider the value of the digital assets you will be bringing into your marriage?

What happens when your EPO expires?

Domestic violence continues to be problematic in many Texas homes, as well as other areas throughout the nation. As a parent, it can be extremely frightening when a violent situation erupts, especially if your children are present, and, therefore, at risk for potential danger. When police respond to such calls, they often have to make split-second decisions after quickly surveying a situation in order to determine how best to proceed to keep everyone safe. One of those decisions might lead to someone's arrest.

Social media prenups

Are you and your partner considering getting married in Texas? If so, have you talked about getting a prenuptial agreement? These marital contracts are rapidly gaining popularity among couples today so you would certainly not be alone in considering one. However, before you jump in, it is important for you to understand some of the different types of provisions that may be able to be included that you may not know about or automatically think about.

Worried about telling your children you're getting divorced?

Most Texas parents would agree that modern-day parenting is not for the faint of heart. Families often face significant challenges prompted by various pressures and influences in society, from racial, ethnic and gender issues to financial crises and myriad relationship quandaries. On top of all that, many marriages end in divorce nowadays, which adds all sorts of stress to the picture. If you're currently preparing for divorce and worried about how your children will react to your decision, you are definitely not alone.