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Reasons for a child custody modification

There are several reasons that a Texas divorced parent might need to go to court to request a child custody order modification. A court will tend to believe that a child does best in a stable situation and is unlikely to make changes for frivolous reasons, but there are a few situations in which a court may make a change.

If a parent believes a child is in immediate danger, the court may grant the modification. The court may consider whether domestic violence is a factor, whether the child is unwilling to return to the home and how immediate the danger is. A court may also approve a change in custody if one parent is moving far away based on that parent's reasons for moving, how the move might affect the visitation schedule and and the interruption to the child's life.

A court may also modify a custody arrangement if one parent is not keeping to the visitation agreement. Finally, if the custodial parent dies, there might also be a modification. Ideally, the court would place the child with the other parent, but there may be circumstances in which the child is placed with another relative. Examples might be if the child wants to live with another person or if the parent's employment makes it impossible for them to take custody.

Disputes over child custody may be one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. Parents' concerns might range from not having enough time with their children to worries about a parental abduction. A court attempts to make a decision that is in the child's best interests as opposed to the convenience of the parents, but parents might not always agree with the court's assessment. They might be happier with an agreement they reach through negotiations with each other with the help of their respective family law attorneys.

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