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How to cope with being far away from your kids after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Firm News

While you may have suspected that your marriage was headed for divorce quite some time before it actually happened, there was no way for you to predict what life would be like in the future, especially concerning your relationship with your children. Now that a Texas judge has issued the final decree and you have agreed to a parenting plan, you can focus on strengthening your parent/child bonds and think about ways to keep in touch with your kids when you’re away.  

Although long-distance travel may be worrying you, there is reason to be hopeful that you and your kids will stay in close contact and come up with creative means for feeling close to each other even when there’s miles of physical distance between you. The reality is, however, that legal problems sometimes arise when non-custodial parents are far away; you can stay as prepared as you can for such situations by knowing ahead of time, where to seek support.  

The good old telephone 

Even though your kids may not even have a land-line phone anymore, you can take advantage of cell phone technology to keep in touch with them from almost anywhere in the world. There are many affordable unlimited data plans available nowadays. You may even like the idea of setting a scheduled phone time, so you and your kids have a specific time to look forward to each day, twice a week or whenever.  

Selfie fun and other photo ops 

Are you one of many Texas parents who are astounded at the fact that you can share photos online in a mere instant? This is great way to keep in close contact with your kids while you’re traveling far away from them. Kids tend to be skilled and creative when it comes to taking selfies. When you can see glimpses of each other’s days through photo opportunities, it can make the distance between you less stressful.  

Use snail mail too! 

No matter how often your kids might poke fun at you because of your age and various things you did back in “your day,” you can make use of old fashioned postal mail to send your kids handwritten notes, postcards or greetings while you travel. Email, texting and other electronic forms of communication are handy; however, all kids love getting special mail addressed just to them. 

You may even want to surprise your kids by calling their local pizza shop or some other favorite diner and having food delivered “with love” from you. The point is that your life’s circumstances may necessitate you being away from your kids but that doesn’t necessarily have to ruin your relationship or their lives after divorce.  

About the legal issues        

If a problem arises because your ex is not adhering to the terms of your court order or some other issue occurs while you’re away, you can tap into available resources for immediate outside support.