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Kelly Clarkson and husband file for divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Family Law

These last few months have been hard for everyone. Yet, for many celebrities, it has been a welcome break away from the spotlight and a chance to spend quality family time together at home. Some stars used social media to spotlight how much they loved the cozy time together, doing homely things such as baking sourdough bread or growing vegetables. Others have used it as a chance to sit back and take stock of life.

One person who used the time to reflect on their life and future was Kelly Clarkson, from the TV show The Voice. After seven years of marriage, she filed for divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock in June. Whether they continue to work together, will remain to be seen. Blackstock is currently her manager and the executive producer on her tv show.

They had hoped that spending so much time together would allow them to sort out their problems, but, despite holing up in Montana with their kids, it failed to work. Clarkson decided enough was enough and that it was better to go their separate ways.

While some high-asset divorces end in bitter legal battles, Clarkson and Blackstock seem determined to avoid this. By having a prenuptial agreement, they avoid long discussions over how to divide their financial assets and protected Clarkson’s fortune. By asking the court to give them shared legal and shared physical custody, they protected their two children, aged four and five.

It looks like this is one celebrity divorce, that will not be giving the tabloids much to talk about.