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Divorce rates are skyrocketing in the South

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Divorce

Most of us love our state. Texans, unlike any other state, tend to identify as Texans above even Americans. It is a pride that most other Americans do not understand. However, while being part of the South has many benefits, one thing that many Texas may not realize is that the divorce rates throughout the South have skyrocketed, well above that in any other area of the country.

What does skyrocketing mean?

For Southerners, we are two to three times more likely to get a divorce in the U.S. this year. And, the divorce rate is already up 34% when compared to this time last year. Surprisingly, 20% of divorces are occurring in marriages that have only lasted for 5 months or less.

These numbers are extremely high, especially in light that many courts were closed for months during the height of the lockdowns, which means that these numbers may only get higher as those who want a divorce were not able to file for divorce earlier in the year.

Why now?

Most experts agree that we can put this blame squarely on 2020. Being face-to-face 24/7 has a way of highlighting a marriage’s issues that were hidden behind the comfortability in daily routines, like work, school, etc. Of course, additional factors are financial stress and major disagreements, like those related to parenting, household duties, etc. Plus, if one was already struggling with substance abuse or mental illness prior to 2020, those issues have likely been exacerbated during these uncertain and stressful times. After all, day drinking and increased alcohol consumption has mostly been celebrated throughout the media.

A glimmer of hope?

While a divorce is often scene as the death of a marriage, something that is to be avoided, the reality is that it is actually the beginning of a new life and a new opportunity to find happiness. So, if there is one glimmer of hope to take away from these numbers is that while these couples are parting way, ending their journey together, each ex-spouse is now beginning a new, happier journey. And, our Dallas, Texas, readers should celebrate that hope.