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Child custody dispute between reality TV stars takes a legal turn

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Child Custody

Reality television provides many Dallas residents with entertainment to pull them away from their own daily lives. However, from time to time the real lives of such stars take heartbreaking and relatable turns. Two such stars, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel of the show Southern Charm, have been embroiled in a long-term custody battle over their two small children. Just recently their battle took a turn in favor of their father.

A change from joint to sole custody

Prior to their latest courtroom fight, Dennis and Ravenel shared custody of their son and daughter. However, Ravenel petitioned the court for sole custody of the youths and ultimately prevailed. He alleged that Dennis was engaged in drug use and neglected their kids when they were in her custody. Dennis was ultimately granted supervised custody every other week.

Why courts change custody

In the case of Ravenel and Dennis, allegations of drug abuse and child neglect were at the forefront of the proceedings. When a child is potentially in danger, or when a child does not receive the care they need, a court can alter their custody plan and place them in a different arrangement that protects their best interests. As readers may know, child custody matters are driven by the best interests of the children who will be subject to the outcomes.

Dennis’ receipt of supervised visitation also suggests that the court did not believe that the children should be in her presence without additional adult supervision. A non-custodial parent who has supervised visitation may be limited in what activities they can do with their kids when they have time together.

What readers can learn from this story

What readers can take from Dennis and Ravenel’s difficult child custody saga is that courts can and will evaluate custody as time moves forward. A child custody order is not a static document that cannot ever be modified. As circumstances change, so too can custody plans. Readers who wish to have their custody plans changed can reach out to their trusted family law attorneys.