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Kim Kardashian seeks divorce from Kanye West

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | High Asset Divorce

Celebrities get married and divorced on a regular basis. One wonders who, apart from the parties themselves, why anyone should care. The truth is a bit subtle: celebrities are human beings, and they respond to the same emotions as the rest of the population. The emotions that lead celebrities to marry one another are the same that drive ordinary individuals to make the same decision. Likewise with divorce. If one looks carefully into a celebrity divorce, the emotions are the same: loneliness, infidelity, religious conflict, money issues, and changing life goals. The recently announced divorce action filed by Kim Kardashian against her husband of six years Kanye West provides the same insights.

Kim seeks a divorce. Kardashian and West were married in May 2014. They now share four children, North West, age 7, Saint West age 5, Chicago West 2, and Psalm West 20 months. Friends have told reporters that their marital relationship has been on the rocks for several months, but they have stayed together for the children. Kim apparently delayed filing the divorce papers to make certain that she was making the right decision “for the kids. Kim has asked for joint legal and physical custody of the children.

According to friends, the couple has been living apart for the past few months. West has remained at his ranch in Wyoming, and Kardashian has continued to live in Los Angeles.  Kanye has expressed an interest in politics, and Kim seems determined to earn a law degree. Friends also said that Kardashian “has known” for a while that the marriage is over. At this point, there has been no public talk about dividing the couple’s assets or whether West would be asked to pay child support or spousal support.

California is a community property state, meaning that the couple will be required to divide equally all assets they acquired during their marriage. Given the fact that both parties have accumulated significant assets, the division of those assets could trigger a significant battle.

What now? The future course of the divorce will depend heavily on whether the two celebrities choose to settle their issues privately, using either mediation or a collaborative divorce, or whether a public trial will be necessary. Most well-off couples, whether or not they are celebrities, want to keep the details of their divorce confidential, and it is likely that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will choose to do the same.