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As divorce proceeds, Kelly Clarkson asks to be declared single

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Divorce

In Texas and across the United States, divorce can be time-consuming. Even in cases in which the parties are on relatively good terms, there will be issues that arise that complicate matters. When there is acrimony over property, child custody, child support, maintenance and more, it can slow the process considerably. These are even harder if it is a prominent couple who is divorcing and the case will be played out in real time on the internet, over social media and in the news. People who are getting a divorce can assess these cases and apply various issues to their own circumstances.

Divorce between singer and estranged husband drags on

As singer and native Texan Kelly Clarkson, 39, moves forward with her divorce from 44-year-old talent manager Brandon Blackstock, the case is still showing signs of strain. The latest is Ms. Clarkson asking that she be declared single even as the divorce is in progress. The recording artist has filed a motion for there to be a termination of her marital status. The court has asked the parties to meet and negotiate the issue that are still unresolved in their case.

The couple has been married since 2013 and their decision to divorce was reported in June 2020. They stated they had irreconcilable differences. In the past year, Ms. Clarkson has also been in a legal dispute with the management company owned by her father-in-law. The company filed a lawsuit against her for commissions they claim she did not pay. It is asking for more than $1 million. In response, she says her father-in-law and her husband committed fraud and took millions from her. He denies this. She has primary custody of their two kids ages 7 and 5.

Complex divorces and legal requests require experienced advice

Ms. Clarkson’s divorce case might seem unique in that there are substantial assets involved, separate legal disputes, estrangement and a request that she be declared legally single. If people who are in a somewhat more conventional relationship and are not known to the public believe there are no parallels between their case and that of Ms. Clarkson, it might be a mistake. Family law has certain foundational aspects that should be considered. This is especially true for people with vast assets. Still, there could be differences such as an agreeable relationship with the pieces in place for a negotiated settlement. Regardless, for any family law concern, it is useful to have professional assistance from the start. This is key to being fully protected and having a good chance for a positive outcome.