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December 2010 Archives

Man Faces 5 Years in Prison for Hacking Wife's Email

A 33-year-old Michigan man faces up to five years in prison for logging into his wife's email account. The man said he had suspicions that his wife was cheating on him with her previous husband. The man is the woman's third husband. The emails then became a part of an emergency child custody motion and eventually led to the couple's divorce this month. The man is currently out on bond and faces trial on February 7.

Casinos and Racetracks Obtain Back Child Support From Gamblers

Parents who are behind on their child support payments and win big at casinos and racetracks in Colorado will have their winnings diverted to the state. That is because a two year old state law requires racetracks and casinos in Colorado to check whether any winner of a certain amount is on the state's list of parents who have not paid their child support payments.

Texas Teens Get the Straight Talk on Teenage Pregnancy - Part 2

In our last post we talked about the two Texas high school programs created by state child support officials that are designed to educate teenagers on the financial and legal responsibilities of teen parenthood. The two programs, Parenting and Paternity Awareness and No Kidding are not designed to educate teenagers on sex. The child support division of the Attorney General's office created the programs to have a family oriented approach to the child-support process and to ensure that teenage parents keep up with their child support responsibilities.

Texas Teens Get the Straight Talk on Teenage Pregnancy - Part 1

Texas child support officials have recently put together two new programs called Parenting and Paternity Awareness and No Kidding that teach high school students about the consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior. Both of the programs' focus is to show how real life teenagers have adopted and dealt with their new lives as teenage parents. The programs teach high school students about relationships, marriage, money and of course children. Over the next two posts we will discuss the programs and the effect the programs have had on teenagers who have been a part of them.

Good Planning Key to Enjoyable Holiday for Divorced Families

As the holidays inch their way closer and closer, the season can become stressful for all families including families that have experienced divorce. The time of year can be the most challenging for divorced parents who have young children. While scheduling arrangements based on divorce and child custody rulings may already spell out who is to go where, advanced planning can go a long way to reducing stress for families that do not have their holiday plans spelled out.

Divorced Mother Tapes Conversation of Child and Father for Child Custody Purposes

Can one parent secretly listen and tape a telephone conversation between their child and the child's other parent for the purposes of a child custody suit? That is the issue that the Tennessee Court of Appeals had to rule on recently. The Tennessee court's decision on secret recorded conversations was a legal groundbreaker and only applies to Tennessee law.

U.S. Parents Upset Over Japan and India's Noncompliance with Child Custody Orders - Part 2

In our last post we introduced the issue of international parental child abductions and how many parents who violate U.S. child custody orders take their children to their home countries of India or Japan. In this post we will talk about the issue in the context of Japan and we will briefly examine what further steps are being taken in the United States to address international parental child abduction cases.

U.S. Parents Upset Over Japan and India's Noncompliance with Child Custody Orders - Part 1

United States parents whose children are the subject of an international parental child abduction are deeply frustrated with the noncompliance and disregard of U.S. child custody orders by Japan and India. Japan and India have refused to sign the Hague Convention on international abduction that regulates child custody between parents who have citizenship in different countries. In this post we will talk about the experience that U.S. parents have faced when their former partners have taken their children to India. The focus of our next post will be on Japan.

Father Says He Lost Child Custody Because He is Agnostic

A father from Indiana claims that he recently lost joint child custody of his three children because of his agnostic religious beliefs. The divorced father says that he formerly practiced Christianity but then became an Agnostic. The man is seeking to enforce his rights as a father by appealing the child custody decision which has been deemed questionable.

McCourts Reach Another Impasse Over Ownership of Dodgers

Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached another impasse in their series of mediation efforts over who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. The couple purchased the Major League Baseball team six years ago and the lengthy disagreement over property division is the result of their divorce.